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Doing a show in San Francisco. This is a chair in my dressing room. I'm not kidding.

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1899 days ago

Doing a show in San Francisco. This is a chair in my dressing room. I'm not kidding.


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giobigez 1769 days ago

that's not a chair. wendy williams forgot her pumps after last night's show.

mljones57 1772 days ago

Try it on and see if it fits! You might really be Cinderella. LOL

handmade_soap 1774 days ago

that is the most horrible chair I ever saw, must be from xtina aguilera lol

boatierra 1779 days ago

Oh shit, LMAO!!! It took me about 2 secs to figure out what I was looking at. Classy :)

MeLJUSTgotHERE 1779 days ago

Me gusta.

MAXQ1961 1779 days ago


Wim1111 1779 days ago

NalaLlN 1810 days ago

Absolutely love this !

Hwk765 1813 days ago

Ignoring the shoe, but it looks like your ready for your butler to put int the Maxell audio tape any minute now!

itsfunnyhowsite 1831 days ago

that bulge in the hoodie is priceless...

BlondeDi 1849 days ago

OK.... Love you but what is that "bulge" coming up from your pants? Is that a gun in your pocket? or....

LeeKuanMajor 1849 days ago

Find the other one then click the heels together three-times. There's no place like...

tiffyb85 1853 days ago

i want it.

StephBlovvski 1857 days ago


vnarvasa 1858 days ago


Hellenk1 1861 days ago

OMG!!! Conan is the funniest man alive, can browse his tweets for hrs amusing myself with his genius.

slikkback 1866 days ago

puhahah! i love it

SabraZee 1871 days ago

looks comfortable

LittlestMeme 1871 days ago

Must be someone was tuning into your inner queen.

ErinTArsenault 1873 days ago

i have a black and pink chair just like this one! It's pretty awesome