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Raised by Wolves: My Life in the Jungle Book | @Sho_Shameless | #BeautifulCreatures | #SentimentalJourney available on iTunes: http://t.co/N0WBdAKn7p

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2319 days ago


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emmyrossumFan_ 2237 days ago

Identical! Hahahah

dmconiglio 2319 days ago

Looks like the hair on the puppy and the stripes on the tiger follow the same pattern. That and one is being held...

JKSfilmfan09 2319 days ago

No. There is no similarity. The one on the right is much cuter and friendly, while the one on the left would make the other hide. LOL. But I like that both their tongues stick out!

asiel77valencia 2319 days ago

to be honest they both look fierce! :)

SnowyLily 2319 days ago

Just a reflection! :-)

flaviobreve 2319 days ago