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Back to my home on the road

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1744 days ago

Back to my home on the road


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BillyJulio 1720 days ago

Wow. Must be rough...*insert sarcasm here*.

KrisKrueger 1743 days ago

better take me instead of the carpet=:D

yanniglamour 1744 days ago

Yeaaahhhh :)

HouseOfYugoslav 1744 days ago

Cool, carpet's nice too.

sasha_stadnik 1744 days ago

Nice flat:)))))

sunny2805 1744 days ago

looks good, but the carpet is for grannies ;)

Sebetestelle 1744 days ago

waouh c'est chouette, on voit même les baskets de Fred Durst au loin !

ZombiepeepshoW 1744 days ago

sweeeet. you better be stopping in texas =D

r1k1ller 1744 days ago

I wonder how many walnuts it took to make that bus?

DreamSeeker4evr 1744 days ago

Pick up ur shit! lol

m2msucks 1744 days ago

Looks like you guys are finally going on tour. Are you going to play any new songs at 98 Rockfest?

ManuLBF 1744 days ago

what's your favorite hobby on the bus?

RiceLBGC 1744 days ago

It's so "Fred Durst" personalized with the shoes & Jacket. ^-^
Hope you're having fun!

ManuLBF 1744 days ago

woooh really nice!!

MichaelGSteyn 1744 days ago

your home on the road is the same as the one in Nickelback's Rockstar! do you have Nelly Furtado and Eliza Dushku hidden back there too?!

dmtgrangeia 1744 days ago

Dude your home on the road is way more luxurious then my apartment!!

xxBROKExx 1744 days ago

Yo thats bigger than my apartment lol no lie , hella nice bro!

jbilbrey84 1744 days ago

Nice u still goin 2 b playin xbox?

Morto88 1744 days ago


STARRBELLA06 1744 days ago

MAKE it fun!!!!