Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

A little dirt (road) never hurt anybody..

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2317 days ago

A little dirt (road) never hurt anybody..


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Hankil_Park 2214 days ago

Lance~ are you faster than me?

RPattyMcGurr 2315 days ago

may never hurt you, but paved->dirt-> paved will show you how nice your wheels used to

_20fps 2315 days ago

Go Lance! Awesome!

JRoca79 2315 days ago

This photo remember me Fausto Coppi years, good luck Lance

mzkx67 2316 days ago

Getting ready for the cobble stones? In yellow?? :)

handsonly97 2316 days ago

We have to take care of our bikes!

somersetcycling 2317 days ago

Ahhh, Who took a wrong turn then, cheeky

Joris2002 2317 days ago

Next year Tro Bro Leon?

frenchy1935 2317 days ago

ps:last december when i quite you @ explorer I HAVE THE HARDEST IMPACT in my life. i get hit by 1 suv when i x main st.i dont die(yet) only deal w bad shoulder all winter.NO PROBLEM!!! @+ BREGARD/BISOU TO ALL

frenchy1935 2317 days ago

after you can keep goiing up back side of basal mnt/back down to el jebel,i did last sunday.remember grand mesa ride.did you google it?
no problem.

frenchy1935 2317 days ago

bonjour.this is not cline top.
you was close to me my friend .sopris mnt before the snow was DARK this eve.check that ride:C.M.C TURN OFF(BEFORE GLENWOOD)9 MILES UP(NEW SMOOTH SHIP SEAL),LEFT ON TOP TO RED CANYON RD 115.3 X MILES UP 12/13 MILES TOTAL U

feistmann 2317 days ago

Lived in Vail since 74. THE dirt ride is to Clinetop, on Main Elk Creek, north of New Castle. 20+ hairpins - out and back - nearly 4000' climb from New Castle. Take decent dirt tires. Probably snow free now, but no guarantee.

katiecwa 2317 days ago

Are you scheduled to race Nevada City Classic this year?

cachorro_morto 2317 days ago

ha, like the dirt roads of brazil! we have a lot of roads like this here!

topspoke 2317 days ago

Does if you face plant dude! Reminds me of Austria a bit.

yiannisc 2317 days ago

Looks nice. I always liked cyclocross.

jafindler10 2317 days ago

Dirt is better than rain! Keep it up brother!

TheFarSide1 2317 days ago

Didn't Simon G. comment on some of those enjoyable roads?

off2ride 2317 days ago

Dirt ish good. Just don't do a face plant in that mofo.

jpdoller 2317 days ago

Looks like the Tour of the Battenkill...minus the mountains.