Chris Mintz-Plasse


I can seriously die a happy young boy now.

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2291 days ago

I can seriously die a happy young boy now.


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Brizzzle 2241 days ago

omg.SO jealous.

carvelFruFan 2289 days ago

were you totally speechless? what did John say? Amazing!

Haley311 2290 days ago

very jealous, he's pretty much my biggest hero!

moodybluesNJ 2290 days ago

I'm sooooo jealous!! you're really lucky, c. I'd give anything to meet him. I wish he'd make a trip to the east coast once in a while.

jackpfree 2291 days ago

john! sad he left the chili peppers, but im exited for more of his solo releases!

foosarecool 2291 days ago

ITS JOHN FRUSCIANTE!!!!!!! How do you guys not know who that is? RHCP!!!!!

rhoadesclark 2291 days ago met john frusciante. i'm so jealous!

maurieb82 2291 days ago

I can't get over you in a suit, but who's the guy you were so happy to have met?

ThatGhostCasper 2291 days ago

omg u met jesus!

Dodo52573 2291 days ago

Who is that???

foosarecool 2291 days ago

YOUR SO FUCKING LUCKY. How were you able to do this?