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Kirstie & Mario Lopez..

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2376 days ago

Kirstie & Mario Lopez..


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JhenWendy 2302 days ago

Fabulous, Kirstie *.*

ldub1987 2372 days ago

You Put the cream in his mocha. lol. Did that make sense? Looking fabulous Kirstie. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see your show this week!

Kmaitre77 2374 days ago

Continued from below... from people you are not following but I will keep posting anyway. You never know, maybe someday you'll see one of my Adorkable post's. Take care and keep up the good work!

Kmaitre77 2374 days ago

Hi Kirstie! Love your show! Thanks for the entertainment! Looking forward to this episode. I'll Twitter you later... Oh that didn't sound right!!! Anyway, everytime you ask a question on Twitter I want to answer but I don't think you see replies fr

Torchwoodfreek 2375 days ago

Wow Kirstie you look fabulous in this picture. You're doing something right! Keep up the good work.

AAJEWELRY 2375 days ago

Wow Kristie, seems like the weight is really coming off, so happy for you. I too have a weight problem that started when I became disabled and unabled to work out.Does your organic liaison work without all the work out. I really need something to help me.

jennagrosh 2375 days ago

KIRSTIE YOU LOOK SKINNY!!!! i love u ur amazing!

raleena05 2375 days ago

Wow girly u both look sooo good together.. Seeing u in this photo makes me realize that it can be done...With lots of hard work...dont forget me..LOL

LaunaBSaleh 2375 days ago

Kirstie, you are look so good!! I want to try your diet. I need help!! Can I buy it in the store? Please help!!

justlorilee 2375 days ago

mario is looking good , looking great Kirstie,

alitaquevuela 2375 days ago

Too good looking men sicken me..but the mocha man is gorgeous
Kirstie, recorded all espisodes & spent Sunday in bed thoroughly enjoying them all so much...I thought...boy she must be a capricorn...conjo!!! we are both capri and born on same day..JAN 12..

sugarplum52 2375 days ago

Kristy,watching you work hard to get the lbs off reminded me how easy it was to put them on I lost 80lbs and started putting some lbs latly,I'm back on diet and will take these xtra lbs off thank you I'm going to stay in check with the lbs so they don't g

brooka92 2376 days ago

Your an amazing lady Kristie... Beautiful inside and out. Get over your fear of flying and come to Australia.... I youtube your show cause we dont get it over here:(.....Love you. You crack me up...

RichardLew11 2376 days ago

Kristy's show is on A&E

RichardLew11 2376 days ago

Kirstie, now that's the Kristy I fell in love with on CHEERS Keep up the great work..

Rowenaapril 2376 days ago

You both look great! I wish I knew what channel you were on and what time on dish network I can't find it, I searched for it.

mtararegan 2376 days ago

Kristie you look REALLY good! Slow and steady wins the race!

mtararegan 2376 days ago

My what dimples! I could just look at him all day:P

barryswiss 2376 days ago

He is still hot as ever!!!

puppy291 2376 days ago

OMG! I'm drooling over here sexy sexy sexy. Looks like you 2 had a great work out LOL.... Lucky you ... Keep up the good work Kirstie