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Actress,mother,COB and founder of and STILL AN AVID CAP USER

Ummm...kissie, kissie...
Kirstie & Mario

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1709 days ago

Ummm...kissie, kissie...
Kirstie & Mario


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JhenWendy 1635 days ago

Wow, as always pretty, pretty,very pretty!

Torchwoodfreek 1708 days ago

Dang woman. How much weight have you lost? You're looking really great!

jennagrosh 1708 days ago

haha cute love u kirstie!

Saline_Queen 1708 days ago

2 of my fave people! I love you, Kirstie!!!

1CrazyCowgirl 1709 days ago

you are looking phit and phab girl!

MadamAylak_ 1709 days ago

I love you Marioooo I'm jealous!!!!!!!

christiefarrar 1709 days ago

Aww so lucky, Kirstie you are looking HOOOOT! Jealous! PS love the tile on the wall

secseemandy 1709 days ago

Why is everyone saying Kirstie is lucky? Pfft... Mario is the one that is lucky.. look at how cute she is! ^.^

witchwithab69 1709 days ago

OH.MY.GOD. I have never been more jealous of anyone in my whole life. What a hunk! GET IT KIRSTIE! YOU MINX!

aford4me 1709 days ago

sweet cheeks

sistersnowflake 1709 days ago

That would make a yummy Christmas card! Oh Happy Day!!!

golddustwoman8 1709 days ago

Sigh .,,,,

golddustwoman8 1709 days ago

Sigh .,,,,

donnadb037 1709 days ago

It's just ridiculous to be as beautiful as Mario!!! H-O-T

misbevahin__kma 1709 days ago

kandnprosser 1709 days ago

Damn girl. You are one lucky lady.

JeseniaRae 1709 days ago

ok its offical... i am NOW jealous of your cheek on top of everything else!!! ulgh!

f2theox 1709 days ago

Omg you are SOOOO lucky!

TheLeeWilliams 1709 days ago

Feeling a little jealous Kirstie Lou... ;)

cindylfield 1709 days ago

you look great...and so does he...MMMMMMM