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Literature Comics: The Scarlet Letter

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2203 days ago

Literature Comics: The Scarlet Letter


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BlindSquirrelly 2147 days ago

I love this cartoon soooo much! Dig the expressions when they get a letter slapped on 'em!

_Hiraku_ 2203 days ago

oh! also, i emailed the Gatsby comic to my high school teach. Now she's showing it to every teacher she know who had taught Gatsby

_Hiraku_ 2203 days ago

Supergirl, actually. Since she had a daughter.

peppergrass 2203 days ago

I agree your baby abuse comics are the BEST. So wrong, yet so right.

TJWriter90 2203 days ago

Kate Beaton seems to think that we are all Ugly, Stupid, and Adulterous

bear_is_driving 2203 days ago

Slightly rearranged they spell USA in the final panel. #omgsubtlecommentaryaboutamericans?

sfdoctahJ 2203 days ago

Never had to read the Scarlet Letter in high school, but that's what I'd imagine it to be like.

jamie_tucker 2203 days ago

I think a nice final panel would be a crowd of people looking annoyed at each other spelling something out.

JennHolton 2203 days ago


ang_al2 2203 days ago

Heh, letter people in the 17th century. Let's see 'em make some words!

davegooch 2203 days ago

that does look like a pretty stupid baby

nicksedillos 2203 days ago

your baby abuse jokes are the funniest

TJWriter90 2203 days ago

I love Hester's expression in the third panel.

NoonThirty 2203 days ago

And that baby grew up to be Superman.

greatjoebivins 2203 days ago

That's okay, we'll just say it's "A" for "awesome".