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Kid in our hood just left this on the doorstep. Wants to bring me to show and tell. #surewhynot

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2125 days ago

Kid in our hood just left this on the doorstep. Wants to bring me to show and tell. #surewhynot


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LivestrongVA 2112 days ago

That's why we work so hard...because we know you do too!

TerriMerrit 2119 days ago

Go lance! That's awsome you're going to do it. I can't wait for Tour of the Gila. Going to Sonic for slushes again? rotfl...that sign was epic...

saundraanne 2119 days ago

kids w/true/honest hearts & ur the man 2recognize this-beautiful/honorable.

timVcarls 2119 days ago

Very cool Lance-how exciting for the kids, and learning safety from you - bonus!

stormyride 2119 days ago

Yes, an update after the show & tell would be great. Way to go Anders.

Bugsy0710 2120 days ago

You have a good soul Lance!!!

stipp1217 2120 days ago

Awesome!! Way to go Lance for taking him up on his request! Love it!

cecil0224 2120 days ago

Sometimes it is the simple requests that mean the most

speedoflite1 2120 days ago

Neighbor kid + Lance @ show and tell = easy "A": restated.

guiltfreetravel 2120 days ago

That is so cute!

nicoleatx 2120 days ago

Excellent, Lance! Please post an update after show & tell!

LANESUE 2120 days ago

This is what life is all about.

Bball1219 2120 days ago

Awwww so cute. How could you say no to that? lol

ddritzenhein 2120 days ago

That is so cool

HOTLabRescue 2120 days ago

Lance you are so cool. I'll donate $50 to LAF if you go as well.

Tmacho 2123 days ago

Did you go/are you going?? Don't leave us all hanging! :o). Thanks for all you do!

prissygmaone 2123 days ago

I know it's impossible to respond to all the requests you get, but this one rates at the top! I also will donate $50. to LAF if you go. (not much, but all I can afford)

Nipperk 2123 days ago

That has to be the coolest,I want to bring you to our GFCC bike clubs show and tell also..please:)

LLS1970 2124 days ago


NancyHowry 2124 days ago

I think that is really sweet and adorable! Cute kid!