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Check out this vintage mic I'm using in the studio today

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1897 days ago

Check out this vintage mic I'm using in the studio today


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troubledheart03 1894 days ago

how did it sound tho? can't wait to hear the next album, esp. now!!

TittenxD 1896 days ago

when is september?...i want to see you in germany, i have 2 tickets

xxBROKExx 1896 days ago

Thats hella fresh for sure , rockin OG style ill sell it to you lol...

MohammedMardini 1896 days ago

'Now I'm gonna full up my lungs with some butane
Turn the MIC into a flame
DAMN that shit's hot'
Crack Addict 4 EVER!!

chelluvu 1897 days ago

that's cool.

denNYdoodle 1897 days ago

its bidirectional like u!

ddritzenhein 1897 days ago

Cool Photo

Scrimer677 1897 days ago

still recording fred?????????

LittleHarmonica 1897 days ago

Aw deadly...wouldn't mind being that mic...

m2msucks 1897 days ago

You guys are still recording? I thought you were done weeks ago.

takemebk2ystrdy 1897 days ago

thats mega retro bruv, howz the sound?

marclenz 1897 days ago

wenn du zuviel schrott hast, nehme dir gerne was ab fred^^

HollywoodHank_ 1897 days ago

ey fred räum mal dein regal auf junge.... :)))))

christyalex08 1897 days ago

that is one hot mic!!

Morto88 1897 days ago

Cobra is not finished? or perhaps preparing a solo album?? :D

BTW i have a question, did i will dream about concert in Poland or i must buy ticket in Berlin ??

ElyClaveau 1897 days ago

Damn hot !!!

ministrys 1897 days ago

Super Duper !!!

oprbguitar 1897 days ago


MCREDSKINS 1897 days ago

wow back to the 1920's huh??? I think back then they did 4 the Alkie the Alkie..... lolo

Nancyplatino 1897 days ago

I just love it! damn hot