Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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2259 days ago


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joe_potatoe 2110 days ago

inspired by hellraizer?

ondeestaoluiz 2239 days ago

So tenderly

Tamblynn 2241 days ago

Do you work with mirrors in your art? Love your portfolio and wondered about mirrors, I love them and just curious what you would all come up with after seeing how you express yourself with your art.

Tamblynn 2241 days ago

Would love not only to know how you done this but how you thought of it. Did it have to be thought on or just that amazing creativity you have just ignite?

nightingale801 2245 days ago

¤L¤O¤V¤E I~t!

grinchgirl1967 2246 days ago


Lisa_m_Molloy 2246 days ago

So there IS going to be a 4th Matrix! You're The One.

1963Mickey 2248 days ago

gives me chills

TishLiddell 2257 days ago

Ever notice how and are never in the same place @ the same time? Hmmm. ;^D

100Bathsplease 2258 days ago

Warning: Do not drop that sticky ball in youre ass

KittyPantz 2258 days ago


KittyPantz 2258 days ago


KittyPantz 2258 days ago


taurusGhan 2259 days ago

Its kinda freaky..are you wearing a hat?

flyinggondola 2259 days ago

I mean... it's NOT my pic, but have snapped one before, just like it. The reflection of Jim is in the glass of the framed photo, while he was snapping it.

flyinggondola 2259 days ago

This is a fountain in Chicago, viewed from the top. It has hundreds of H2O squirting holes, and it spritzes H2O rhythmically, every second or two, so when viewing from a platform from above it has this 'needle-like' visual effect. I have snapped this pic

meenakshikuduva 2259 days ago

looks like a real hiding spider man

MIssJennyMusic 2259 days ago

Holy guacamole! >**

HappySoPink 2259 days ago

This is frigin awsome. How did u do that?

ashok1122 2259 days ago

hey.....what is this.......i m not catching anything guys