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Sharing cool things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...

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2261 days ago


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ojarre1nc 1678 days ago

as a student of photography, i like the birds view as in this picture...

ammosturdy 1820 days ago

Looks like you're at the top of the hotel.

manoel_phill 2140 days ago

good photograph o.O!

SuraJakaRayne 2182 days ago

Great view mr. Rich good photograph.!!

hugo0388 2213 days ago

I was living here last summer. its cold

carlossertao 2213 days ago I'm developing a project named living and learning....

kaweekul 2234 days ago

undercurrent of caste chemistry affects indian potential,still your efferts are very important for comming generations,thanks.

nktdevil 2243 days ago

this may be the next best thing:

naitikrocks 2260 days ago

Is this your home town?

mcbeatbox 2260 days ago

Taken with Samsung SGH-i637, of course running Windows Mobile...

jjy001 2260 days ago

I love the photo. The view is so pretty.

ktselvan 2260 days ago

Great view. Excellent learning point

DownSynAdvocacy 2260 days ago

Thanks for the great photo - UC Berkeley still feels like home after all these years. Glad to see Sather Tower / The Campanile and the hills beyond.

Andreina324 2260 days ago

Oh,the anticipation of students' ideas and opinions!! Bet you had a great time with the minds that will shape the future! Awesome !!

Cinthyavico 2260 days ago

seems an interesting place

hackerofhearts 2260 days ago

Wow So that's like it looks.

ratnadeeppatil 2261 days ago

did you take this photo..?

MalloryBlu 2261 days ago

Beautiful aerial photo of UCB! I appreciate your vast support in academia :)

RobLeslie 2261 days ago

Do you think going around and giving away money will save you from the negative spirit of greed?

AnOracle 2261 days ago

am logged in and ready to listen...