Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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RedSunYogini484 2096 days ago

These are old souls, very highly evolved. Don't feel sad...they are following their path

joe_potatoe 2174 days ago

it can come from anyone, at anytime that which you seeked the most

naturedmike003 2308 days ago

God has a plan for all his Children.Even for the famous ARR-TEESTS!!!

nightingale801 2309 days ago

If you are an artist you are an artist!*

NewAge22 2309 days ago

i see you in the reflection!, people with down syndrome have very good memories, church i went to there was a guy named dale and he memorized everyone's birthday to wish them all a happy birthday, something about it that was very special indeed!

100Bathsplease 2322 days ago

They are talking about youre new movie

lalacoolgirl 2322 days ago

Thank you for the share. Truly wonderful and one of a kind pictures :)

ChgoGypsyLady 2322 days ago

The meek shall inherit the Earth

jennbeans 2323 days ago

These paintings make me miss my Aunt Janeen. There are no sweeter souls out there. Beautiful

roundtuit 2323 days ago

My twenty one year old son with Downs voted for you as wri

My son with Downs told us to vote for Jim in last presidential election . He must of known something!

roundtuit 2323 days ago

the_grettin 2323 days ago

couldn't help myself, ocd kicking in. http://twitpic.com/1gwmep

lucasnierhof 2323 days ago

Foto da foto... Entendi!

JediKathannah 2323 days ago

ok you are starting to annoy me! he is taking this seriously i suggest you do too.
They are amazing paintings!

Etherealblues 2323 days ago

I love this picture. And i love to see your reflexion through the glass.thanks for sharing.

comicsuperhero 2323 days ago

"Jim Carrey for the lead or Johnny Depp?"

carart65 2323 days ago

On subject of bread.. nothing beats a traditional, old recipe, sourdough my Gran used to make.

CaWineGirl1 2323 days ago


carart65 2323 days ago

Excellent idea just needs a little crop for bigger impact.

juliec432 2323 days ago

I heard that you can always judge the quality of a restaurant by their bread:)