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Shlatgauer 2350 days ago

I heard about this exhibition. Wasn't it made by a Russian photographer?

100Bathsplease 2351 days ago

There are no fucking around tonight boys !

michaelsmithboy 2351 days ago

I response to Tina Leigh's comment. I would say that rather than "analyzing" they are living in the moment. And as for what has them so captivated, It's obvious that Jesus is leading them in a game of patty-cake. One of Jim's favorites.

Windom777 2352 days ago

Based on the Da Vinci, ppl. :) I want to find and buy this.

MishElevated 2352 days ago

Matthew 5, and this is Raoef Mamedov's Last Supper.

2cfromwhereisit 2352 days ago

Blessed are the pure hearts, theirs is the 1 and only Kingdom of heaven ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

comicsuperhero 2352 days ago

"Oh look...the strippers just arrived."

sweetieSso 2352 days ago

what's this picture meaning for?

notmedaddyoo 2352 days ago

My soul aches l lost my teddi no more earthly life 4us

RachaelMomOf3 2352 days ago

THey did such a great job! :)

KaufmandyGhost 2352 days ago

Is this from Crispin Glovers Masterful Film "What is it?" I thought so. "Tenk you veddy much"

_Tina_Leigh_ 2352 days ago

What I want to know is.. what has them so captivated... the difference in their body posturing makes me want to know what they are analyzing...(~.-)

pindal 2352 days ago


Ann_smiles 2352 days ago

It reminds me of a painting...

Hilda_Vidal1977 2352 days ago

They r special people- thankk U!

Little_Lei_Oh_ 2352 days ago

I am ENARMORED by your reflection on all these pics! LUCKY ME!Thanks 4 the gift! :o)

heidiannemorris 2352 days ago

the human condition. Really interesting photograph Jim. Is this a picture of a picture>?

megricha 2352 days ago

May we please see the whole piece?

tlbeman 2352 days ago

They want to learn, and be treated the same.

thedmr 2352 days ago

searching some_one/think/day is total blessed?