So much to do, so little time. One of Sinbad's The What Up Girls along with Kirstie Alley and Kris Stepney!

@KirstieAlley - I got you your first pair of ASSLESS CHAPS! Hope you like them! xo

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2420 days ago

- I got you your first pair of ASSLESS CHAPS! Hope you like them! xo


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ryobigirl 2419 days ago

lol Was wearing my chaps today but I sure didn't look that good - him think i could install photoshop on my bike? lol i wish

tyred_lips 2419 days ago

At least you have a hot ass double! :)

Tiffanyr280 2419 days ago

OMFG I only saw the bottom and thought it was real! I was like WTF!!!

froggyo2 2419 days ago

wish I had an ass like that again too.

AKathBilsky 2419 days ago

Lol I'm reminded of the time we got in an elevator in San Francisco with my then 4-yr old son and a guy in chaps like this stood in front of him. Qualifies as weirdest elevator ride EVER!

timothyruddock 2419 days ago

Like in the Exorcist, her head turns right round. lol

hartmanbra 2419 days ago

my ass looked like that before my kids lol

Charles_J_Matas 2419 days ago

Oh wow! That caught me by surprise! Thanks for that.

petertwavis 2420 days ago

Had you been wearing those while cleaning your E. Coli pond - I would have choked to death on my own laughter. So, once again - has saved my life. Thanks.

trellski 2420 days ago


breyesandy 2420 days ago

So that's what excercise does.....LoL

breyesandy 2420 days ago

skot1208 2420 days ago

Ride'm cowgirl!!!!! Cowgirl Kristie!!!!!!

CKturtl 2420 days ago

ha ha ha nice

Prettyeyesmeri 2420 days ago

Wow I wish my ass was like that again! Very nice! Lol

lchamberland 2420 days ago

Oh my!