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I apologise in advance.

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2175 days ago


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megdryden 2175 days ago

What to notice 1st? The DVD? The face? or THE DEVO!!!!

Katt_25 2175 days ago

"To shocking for Cinemas" don't they mean "To crap for Cinemas"?

luke88addis 2175 days ago i've photoshop'd the pic above ^^

AlexClement 2175 days ago

Too 'shocking' indeed. And, I want your t-shirt...

divaschematic 2175 days ago

Devo playing Kentish Town as well as ATP now, for those who couldn't afford the latter.

springlamb 2175 days ago

piccy more scarry!!!lols

contrastpodcast 2175 days ago

Don't go near the stairs again.

athwilson 2175 days ago

Devo would definately whip it - goood!

rentalboys 2175 days ago

After watching, I had to cancel my Ryan Air Flights to Paris. It just wasn't worth the risk.

nunoncastors 2175 days ago

See, that sticker should just read "Too shocking for cinemas"

jim_herd 2175 days ago

you should've invested in the blu-ray version. the stunning picture helps lift the movie somewhat.

nimnil 2175 days ago

The extended Crappening?! The craaaappening? Full review necessary.

grohs 2175 days ago

are we not men? we are DEVO! not sure whter to go see them again this year...hmmmm...

whipparry 2175 days ago

Well it was to sh.....something, but I don't think the word was shocking.

brenjamin 2175 days ago

dr_whom 2175 days ago

I think we should club together and buy you a new expression.

matmurray 2175 days ago


cheesepump 2175 days ago

"Too shocking for cinemas" - yet suitable for 15 year olds??!

redmum 2175 days ago

ha brilliant, expression is priceless