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Pic from my shoot yesterday...good kitty cat!

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1656 days ago

Pic from my shoot yesterday...good kitty cat!


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LLISMEL 1117 days ago

Really Kim? I'm not sure which makes you look worse, wearing fur and the ignorance behind it or not knowing the proper way to hold a cat

Tarzan322 1118 days ago

Everyone that thinks this is wrong, you just called nature ignorant. That's how a mother cat carries her kittens, by the nape of the neck. It doesn't hurt them. Geez, I wish I could shoot stupid people.

amcgimpsey 1118 days ago

you are so ignorant

angiea529 1118 days ago

Oh wow!! That is SO wrong! Do you really think this makes you look good? NOT!!!!!!

Surfrbelle 1118 days ago

Once again you prove to the world that your stupidity is what makes you famous.

ndorrien 1118 days ago

what is wrong with you?

dazymae100 1118 days ago

cruel, ignorant ....that's not how to hold a cat....

FUNKI_PUPZ 1118 days ago

Hmmm famous for a sex tape and nothing else of substance now known for dangling cats says it all really

ikkke2 1386 days ago

wow wow wow wow

jiskat09 1473 days ago

she can carry the cat in a different way... right? not like that. duh

DarkuriA 1492 days ago

wtf? poor kitty apart of it you look like a cat murderer

Jazminatorz 1500 days ago

awe poor kitty :(

Lora_Franta 1503 days ago

It might not hurt them but it doesn't make them purr.Sorry that's not cool!!!!

Huguitochavez 1516 days ago

como decimos aqui en venezuela DIOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

indianboy93 1517 days ago

wat a pity that you dont see my hard dick

Adny_Lb 1540 days ago

gatubela xB

SaraNicole23 1577 days ago

i think this is halarious, i own 4 cats and pick them up like this, the vet does it also, it doesn't hurt them. lol

neeky_neave 1592 days ago

hahahah people ging insane over this .lol this is how there mothers hold the cat hahah .

vipbiebers 1599 days ago

poor kitty :(

DiviineInsanity 1600 days ago

ph, gosh.. poor cat :(