Chris Mintz-Plasse


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Playboy mansion. Too much.

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1625 days ago

Playboy mansion. Too much.


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imanihager 1100 days ago

hot and im not talkin about the girls :) <3 <3 <3

ChrisNY93 1624 days ago

Damn yo u lucky bastard

kuiperrrr 1624 days ago

Is this the first day of filming the sequel to Kick ass 'Tap ass'?

ColmBrosnan 1624 days ago


CR0L33N 1624 days ago

Lol, Chris is mighty fine, I'd say the girls are the lucky ones here ;)

StaceMichelle 1625 days ago

hes lucky? the other way around i think

MemphisRRains 1625 days ago

Wow!! Superbadass you lucky=))

NothinBeta2Do 1625 days ago

the slight half grin shows u probly just creamed in your pants. so lucky

Justa_Nerd 1625 days ago

Lol, Remember, if u wont... Tiger Would ;) WTF Nerds are hot now? Damn no one sent me this memo!

LucasWHack 1625 days ago

Let us gingerly touch our tips!

PubliusBIG 1625 days ago

Actually, that looks like just the right amount.

juliokaji 1625 days ago

That's right, you're a superhero :)

WeirdNemesis 1625 days ago

Mmmm the one girl in the yellow top looks yummy. Please tell me you banged all those girls Chris.

crey_zee 1625 days ago

wow dude. awesome

JenPoole90 1625 days ago

I bet this is one of ur dreams tht came true haha

ErikCRoberts 1625 days ago

/me is quite jealous! Did you go swimming in the Grotto?

ET_123 1625 days ago

chica chica yeah!

BurtonFreak 1625 days ago

Haha, you dog! Looking good there by the way. ;)

liquidwicked 1625 days ago

You're my idol Chris!

skyjog 1625 days ago

Chris it was a real let down that Red Mist had to be a douche bag. I thought he would be smoking bowls and fighting crime the whole movie.