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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

From TVLand, T. Hopkins, H. Taylor, me,  Scolari, "Red" and D. Dixon.  B.Buds 4ever + 30 years.  Hanx

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2466 days ago

From TVLand, T. Hopkins, H. Taylor, me, Scolari, "Red" and D. Dixon. B.Buds 4ever + 30 years. Hanx


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rhyain 2426 days ago

soooooooooo wonderful

queenofattolia 2437 days ago

I miss Wendie Jo. ::sob:: Still, it's great to see you all together again.

rockyupemau 2443 days ago

Wow blast from the past... I love bossom buddies....LOL. I like the episode where one of you had to wear the red dress.

JeFFB1062 2448 days ago


luvthesea1965 2449 days ago

That long??!! One of my favorite shows~ love this pic, thanks for sharing it :)

kellinnz 2453 days ago

Wonderful pic! I was one of the ones watching you guys instead of "Magnum PI".

KTSavage 2454 days ago

OMG. A GREAT shot.

j1966f 2455 days ago

Parade of celebrities.

mazz512 2459 days ago

Ahhh B.Buds when I knew my love affair (from a far) with Tom Hanks began with this show from the opening theme "My Life" from Billy Joel I loved you then and really love you now Tom Hanks! :)

rhyain 2461 days ago

my fav show of that era...great cast!

masheter 2464 days ago

Thats how bad my social life was I actually watched this show, well maybe I went to the bars later.

thatsmeLD 2464 days ago

Where are Buffy & Hildegarde? What a GYP!

IsmailMansouri 2465 days ago

God, one of them has the same hair cut than Brian Graze!

Coquisrocks 2465 days ago


westamp 2465 days ago

Wow, Bossom Buddies! Wonderful show and great memories! Good to see that you still keep in touch with everyone.

MavRick451 2465 days ago

I have enjoyed your acting since BB. I've been watching Pacific and I say bravo to an excellent Producer. The production values are top drawer, in the opening credits, the glimpses of the charcoals during creation elicited warm emotions. It was very well

ElizabethImbrie 2465 days ago

Love seeing you all again, still adore Scolari, miss Wendie Jo.

seanhanks 2465 days ago

This is incredible of all the photos I have seen of Hanx he generally look fairly similar to me but this particular photo I look 100% identical to him if any can find someone closer (in this photo) there is a $1000 reward. Just click on seanhanks....

rachaface 2465 days ago

seeing you and scolari is such happiness for me

alvaro_L_F 2465 days ago

wilsonnnnnnn i sorry!!!! tom i sorry!!!!!!!!!