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I invented post-it's

@KhloeKardashian are you ready to DIE????

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2468 days ago

are you ready to DIE????


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WWW2000 2293 days ago

Double Yuk!

Halosgrapevine 2334 days ago

hey hey I adore Khloe! I expect you do to... xoxoxo

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KingofThineKing 2398 days ago

i flipping hope so! Om!!

gossiplovee 2428 days ago

haha!! :D

LaelanieGallery 2437 days ago -----> 3D Edge Abstract Art Work!♥♥♥

team__jackson 2466 days ago

I believe its someone they knew from high school (MC Prep school) from over 10 yrs ago (99')...Looks like u had fun Nicole!

RaatedR 2466 days ago

an old high school fling perhaps? die obviously means to be surprised or shocked. like 'OMG you're gonna die when you see this' hello its nicole talk!! lookin fab GORG! LOVES IT :)

Elsieh12 2466 days ago

Why would yall get it? It's obvious this pic is between khloe and nicole. Yall arent supposed to get it bc yall dont know them!

newjerseygurl 2467 days ago

Nicole u r just too cute for words! You lways look fab !

samanthasantaw 2467 days ago

why did you ask khloe cardashian if she was ready to die???? ...and you're blury whyd you post this pic, i feel like i'm wearing beer goggles. maybe im drunk. ARE gorgeous. really. luv

frannie10795 2468 days ago

i love your jewelry :) its soooo cute

laurapalop 2468 days ago

you looked gorgeous Nicole!! I'm in love with your hair!! Your rings are amazing!!!

Johi15 2468 days ago


BeckyyLor 2468 days ago

You are actually amazing

ManniKaila 2468 days ago

who the hell are these guys?

skinny_bit__ 2468 days ago

pretty guys!

Pi0ggia 2468 days ago

Nicole, you are beautiful & nice! an incredible woman, we love you :)

moniquedevinexx 2468 days ago

you are one of the most gorgeous girls in the world and you dont need to listen to what the pathetic haters have to say about you. You have to many lovers to think about the haters =D

AntonioReyX360 2468 days ago

Dude gotta 5head and a brillo pad and why is this whitegirl wearing a wig and extensions ?anyone? bueler ?