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Just met this dude in Lenox - iPad on the neck!!!!  THIS IS WHY I LOVE ATL. RT!

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2383 days ago

Just met this dude in Lenox - iPad on the neck!!!! THIS IS WHY I LOVE ATL. RT!


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Richiebuzz 2373 days ago

he must have seen GreGG from GriDD!! (check the muthaflippin'date!)

Nick936 2376 days ago

That's really funny lol

mikeycho 2377 days ago

That looks like hip hop producer Swizz Beats. But Swizz is NYC based.

andychristone 2377 days ago

wow... dood looks stupid..

atifzain 2378 days ago

He did what he can because Size Does Matter :)

tamarab52 2378 days ago

roflmao at "iGangsta."

WEUGLY 2378 days ago

#FF ... music producers/inventor of #IPADCHAIN

MindlessRobot 2379 days ago

It's cool till it breaks, then it's funny.

jellybabynet 2379 days ago

Teletubbies say "Eh-oh!"

timmybass 2379 days ago

you are an idiot. your iPad should display this fact to anyone paying attention to your ridiculous self. you are an iDiot.

ajsul 2379 days ago


acid42 2380 days ago

Try wearing this in Hayward. You'll get mugged in 2 seconds.

krystynchong 2380 days ago

if you have boobs it'll be like an iBib, though.

ChinaCandyCo 2380 days ago

This is what happens when you're creative, you have the whole world watching you! This shit is on CNN can't hate on that

jaybird62 2380 days ago

shit like this makes me embarrassed to claim Georgia

makatski 2380 days ago

wow.. just wow!

mnctaka 2381 days ago

No Brasil, acho que não pega... eheheh

jongos 2381 days ago

HipHop Generation 2.0

BID316 2381 days ago

Is that Flavor Flav's son? Yeah, Boyeeeeeeee!

takaJay 2381 days ago

drole de mec!