LeVar Burton


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2502 days ago


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DanielLyons2002 2455 days ago

Yo Bruh! This looks like you and Shatner just got finished downing 3-4 glasses of Guiness! This is by far MY FAVORITE PIC

Shackleford_PI 2456 days ago

Is that Kanye (Beyonce's made the best video of all times) West with the Captain?

LukeImAdarLin 2475 days ago

Love you both so much!

SheridanWriter 2475 days ago

Two of "Trek"'s greatest. Love it.

SheridanWriter 2475 days ago

Two of "Trek"'s greatest. Love it.

chad8472 2476 days ago

ebony and ivory.

NormCast 2476 days ago

William T.J. LaForge-Burton :-) Nice pic... Thanks for sharing...

dtwohig 2476 days ago

T.J. Kinte?

StarTrekWreck 2476 days ago

Nooo. You both look a little fuzzy, but that's all.

Ellipticalqueen 2476 days ago

Lookin' good!

WilliamShatner 2476 days ago

Levar, you look horrible; all swollen and round. It's either the lens or the lighting. Or both. I, on the other hand, look appalling.

MikeJarvis16 2484 days ago

Looks like yer gettin a little gray there Mr. Levar!

doctorslime 2484 days ago

the only thing Better would have been if you got Bill to wear the visor for your photo, now that would be instant classic!

Jackanapes 2484 days ago

Hey! It's that guy from Reading Rainbow and some anonymous fan

fshtank 2490 days ago

Yeah - this is a great shot. Talk about Star Trek "Generations"
Thanks for sharing this.

RonNasty64 2490 days ago

Once a camera hog, always a camera hog.

SimonStirling 2490 days ago

its some kind of...hot tub time machine!

OntieC 2495 days ago

You've come a long way babies, and what a strange trip it's been. Great pic!

move2drun 2499 days ago

Time warp it's a wonderful thing.

BunnyCommando 2500 days ago

The man, the star, the legend. Pictured here with William Shatner. Just kidding Bill. ;P