Olly von Steiff


ello, im olly. im a likkle bear hoo is egsyted too mayk furends nd chats on twittah. i helps wif #caykclub nd enjoys #keepfits.

cum on @Dogstoyevsky nd @GeorgeTheDuck letz go on th #carniepawty waltzers toogetha!

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1806 days ago

cum on nd letz go on th #carniepawty waltzers toogetha!


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BadAndy_KityKat 1799 days ago

*whirlee wheeeee* You pick the best rides! #CarniePawty

JustAnotherTrnd 1806 days ago

DUSTY: Have fun w/ Olly on the Waltzers! #CarniePawty

OllyTed 1806 days ago

lexi did tell mee nd george bowt waltzers soo wee had too try th #carniepawty wuns owt!

JustAnotherTrnd 1806 days ago

HURLEY: Woof-hoo! Don't get dizzy, Olly! #CArniePawty

OllyTed 1806 days ago

i fink yew beary wise wee dunt want too see those noms again hehe #carniepawty

flicka47 1806 days ago

Oh,that looks like such fun! But I'd better wait a while after eating a dozen Bacon!Donuts,4 squirrels on a Stick and 3 bags of Bacon!popcorn! #carniepawty

OllyTed 1806 days ago

weeeeeee th #carniepawty waltzers ar soo farst!