Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

6 hrs in the texas hill country w/ @college6.

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2211 days ago

6 hrs in the texas hill country w/ .


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Simonecamaleoa 2193 days ago

Sometimes I have trainned with a speed bike too and I love it! Thanks, Lance for all attention, the Livestrong Foundation is wonderful! // Simone M. Santos from Brazil

Simonecamaleoa 2193 days ago

Hi Lance Armstrong, you're my idol, my inspiration! Sometimes, when I want to give up to go ride by bike I think about you, your difficulties you had passed with cancer. I'm from Brazil, an amateur ciclist, but I love my Mountain Bike! Sometimes I have tr

Cora007xyz 2209 days ago

You have contact to other riders who have been in Amstel Race. What do they say? Did they feel a kind of handicap from the ashes in the air or not feel such a thing? On one sid it is just when Nature lashes back against humans but hard for each one nevert

Cora007xyz 2209 days ago

But I hope you have a good time in aspen. Is there the air clean? The world is turing but it will last longer till the ash comes to there. Here in cologne we could hardly see the sun today cause of the ashes and it became colder. The Dinosauros died out f

Cora007xyz 2209 days ago

I have Asthma and feel it that it cannot be true that the ash shall only be too high up in the stratosphere. It must also be on the ground. Now they want to let the planes start again but push the responsibility on the poor pilots shoulders.

Cora007xyz 2209 days ago

Hi Lance, what will you do, if this vulcanoashes was still there in the air in July? Would you come to the Tour and with what Plane, when most of them dont fly? This ash could injure the lungs of riders also now in Belgium and Netherland(Amstel)Fleche Wal

MrPantani 2209 days ago

Yeah I agree. If he does his best he might be able to get 8. place.

FromStKilda 2209 days ago

Go Lance 8 Is a great number

MrPantani 2210 days ago

Wow, how on earth are you going to drop all those pounds in time for the Tour!? Are you signing up for "The Biggest Loser"? Well, I guess altitude training with Dr. Michele Ferrari does the trick.

EdChristopher 2210 days ago

Looking like coming into good form, will be cheering you on in Tour Of California! Onward! Kind Regards.

PEETIEGIRL 2210 days ago

You guys look great! Can't wait to see you in the Amgen TOC!

frenchy1935 2211 days ago

bonjour lance,ca va?starthing 1 MORE!velo saison??!!.missouri height ride.just sent my eye doc to loma linda to KILL IS \FUCKING CNCER.
4/28 wee need you here for eazy tt.@+

JRoca79 2211 days ago

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can...that’s what makes all the difference in your life” Sylvester Stallone
Good Luck Lance ;)

LarryBirdy 2211 days ago

I see that College brings a stick along these days, to hit you when you are slaggin'..........

KillasRacing 2211 days ago

very good equipment !!!

cww53132 2211 days ago

Looks like a great time

rick11fer 2211 days ago

looking good for calif... i/ll b there 2 c d team...

ste960 2211 days ago

yes !!!!! go Lance !!!! 8 for You !!!! The Mister Lance

marcosaieva1 2211 days ago

Dude!!!!! Too sick!! You work too hard to not be the first man to the 8th.. Go Lance and John :D

fredzy 2211 days ago

Very cool. Rode 4 hours in the hilly Morton Arboretum this morning solo. This flatlander is getting ready for a Colorado road trip.