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I started acting when i was 14 playing George Weasley in the Harry Potter series. 10 years later now. Huge sports, film and music fan.

Tweeting to you from lake Windermere. England sure is nice in the sun shine.

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2290 days ago

Tweeting to you from lake Windermere. England sure is nice in the sun shine.


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mansionmaid 2222 days ago

is that in the Lake District? it's so beautiful up there! can't wait to go back!

Maria110107 2288 days ago

What a beautiful place! I want to visit GB so much ;(

a_bridgerton 2288 days ago

It's beautiful! England, is a wonderful place, you're lucky to live there

hpgirltg 2289 days ago

England is my favorite country I've ever vacationed in!

DoraCrnko 2289 days ago

this is beautiful! love it.

SabbyIsHere 2290 days ago

Ahh! Gorgeous... I am definitely visiting there when I finally get the chance to go to England!

xdreadful 2290 days ago

So beautiful! :) Wish I could go to England... :(

Maozora 2290 days ago

If you could see here, I think you would have been in paradise!

NecoNiMatatabi 2290 days ago

Wow, beautiful! Wish I would be there one day. Send me sun shine over there. Can you believe I had snow yesterday?! Come on Spring...!

Erzsebett 2290 days ago

*envyous* I miss England...

ShaniceDylan 2290 days ago

...I think it looks like a dragon chasing a fish. =/

matti_bigley 2290 days ago

gotta love britain!!!

danrad23 2290 days ago

...wow....thats really beautiful...nice sunshine... :)

emilielevel27 2290 days ago

Nice! Enjoy this beautifull day !! :)

julijana95 2290 days ago

when im going to be 18, first country im going to visit is great britain.and my favourite part of it is definitly england.
Smile from slovenia;D

VesselinaTP 2290 days ago

...soulfully & smilingly for sailing..:-)..

SarahRose14 2290 days ago

hahah england sun p.s i love you lol

M_Grazia 2290 days ago

Amazing...have fun!

methoTRIXate 2290 days ago

wow, nature at its best. :) always wanted to go to England. have a great day :)

StineTveito 2290 days ago

Oh, nice! Have a great day! :)