benji madden


B-Madden the one&only.

Me and @Lisaloeb4real hangin!!! @Joshmadden is so jealous rightnow!!

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2384 days ago

Me and hangin!!! is so jealous rightnow!!


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Julz_tripper 2114 days ago

U should smile more often....makes you look sexier than you already do

CCarollyne 2114 days ago


EMT_Tiffani 2114 days ago

yea I gotta agree...that smile Benji...wear it more often I love it :) Ure so handsome ♥

courtneyohowell 2184 days ago

u have the most gorgeous smile =)

lizzyjuliet 2199 days ago

look! you're smiling! :)

April_Wilson_ 2381 days ago

awww awesome I wanna meet her!

ninalholmes 2381 days ago

Benj, your smile is so adorable

xMaryooma 2381 days ago

Omg I'm so jealous of her right now! He's so fiiine ;)

AhaShake3 2381 days ago

aaw lovely pic :)

saarrraaaaivy 2383 days ago

I don't know which one to tell to step away from the other. They are both dangerously gorgeous!

ConsuGC_ 2383 days ago

benji is the most sexy and cute guy in the world, is true, when he smile makes me fly xD

cheekyoziechick 2384 days ago

Gotta stop lookin @ pics of Benji. Just hurts too much. U can be over cute u know..and he is over cute! *kisses computer screen*

RominazDivine 2384 days ago

benji your the most gorgeous man ever! specially when you smile :)

miyazaki 2384 days ago

aww, so cute!

Fer_SP 2384 days ago

BENJI U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

lilithisdead 2384 days ago

She's gorgeous..and you don't look too bad yourself either ;).