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1933 days ago


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nobodyouknw 1933 days ago

radio hut at the top of capital hill? at the radio tower on capital hill?

nobodyouknw 1933 days ago

radio hut at the top of queen anne hill?

maph2 1933 days ago

lynnwood please!!! haha

MissHotRoller 1933 days ago

Sewage drain??

mojotillett 1933 days ago

we don't actually know if anyone is even really looking just us idiots here on twitter bitching about not being downtown Seattle

F1REST0RM 1933 days ago

It's hilarious watching everyone flip out trying to find it

shrizumalonito 1933 days ago

Hey, if you rotate the picture it looks like the wall, ceiling and floor.

Kryslowe 1933 days ago

that weird alley way that goes uphill towards the market, towards the newspaper stand and junk!

maidencrone 1933 days ago

well this Twitter page's number of followers is certainly growing with every passing second.

WestSeattleRunR 1933 days ago

I am in West Seattle but can be downtown in minutes. If there is an outdoor set please advise, I will leave work, I don't care!

Universal_Guru 1933 days ago

My girlfriend sat her purse in someones pee there long ago

ryche88 1933 days ago

Ya, what makalapua said!! ;)

josharmour 1933 days ago

in the alley behind showbox market. IN the bathroom of the green room lounge?

amycball 1933 days ago

up a hill?

SNATCHZILLA 1933 days ago


RichardARyder 1933 days ago

Or UDistrict

Septima_Y 1933 days ago


burnerk1 1933 days ago

hide one in Shoreline, while ur at it

makalapua9 1933 days ago

hopefully the guys make up for all this craziness and do a couple more shows. us diehard fans that are stuck at work need some love, too!

Dirksmoothe 1933 days ago

so it's gotta be at the showbox market... up the hill from the pikes place market. shoot