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2428 days ago


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Torpeydo 2427 days ago

totally - i got the email at around 1 PM - not very timely! Dammit

porcyk 2428 days ago

The lamest part: I JUST got that e-mail with the Ticketmaster link and password -- 2 hours after they went on sale. Thanks, official Soundgarden website mass-mailers!

counterfistac 2428 days ago

thats the pig in front of the old doc maynards in pioneer square?

Kryslowe 2428 days ago

the bottle cap is somewhere! how bout right outside the box office at the SB?

rfriverrunner 2428 days ago

That's the fishiest smelling pig i ever met.

Kryslowe 2428 days ago

do we physically have to get this?

maidencrone 2428 days ago

Not just Hotmail guys. I use Earthlink and I didn't get it for 2 hours plus after they went on sale. Now I'm following this stupid bottle cap from Tacoma.

Kryslowe 2428 days ago

its IN the pig!

Kryslowe 2428 days ago

pike place market child care and pre-school.

ryche88 2428 days ago

I got the password via email late too. :( Also in Tacoma...can't get to Seattle soon enough...ugh!!!

regina666 2428 days ago

again by the market headed toward the showbox Nice!

FilthyrichWhite 2428 days ago

I'm on it

PaintedBlue 2428 days ago

So far the email delay is with multiple email providers including hotmail, juno and aol.

FilthyrichWhite 2428 days ago

SNATCHZILLA 2428 days ago


amycball 2428 days ago

i actually think the delayed email is due to hotmail. i am finding people who signed up for the email list through other email providers didnt have a delay.

SNATCHZILLA 2428 days ago


krel69 2428 days ago

I'm only two minutes away... should I still even try it?

MissHotRoller 2428 days ago

I can give the full history on this pig for tickets!