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This is beyond incredible.  Someone needs to put this on a t-shirt for me. @DoctorGraffin @bayjentley

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1808 days ago

This is beyond incredible. Someone needs to put this on a t-shirt for me.


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Dharmadevil 1739 days ago

Mid 80"s?! Love the BR tee . I was running around in bondage pants back then.

wolfje86 1797 days ago

I'll make you a shirt! =D If I have it done on time i'll give it to you in the melkweg in june ;)

joshbackeast 1803 days ago

Awesome. I really wish you still made that style of crossbuster shirt ....maybe someday soon??

scienceofpunk 1804 days ago

Great photo & nice mesh shirt Jay...this had to be the 80's!

neferia 1807 days ago

same ole Lemmy ;)

Erikinamillion 1807 days ago

good thing Greg's wearing a shirt of his own band, I bet that's how the word got out in europe: met these california-kids dunno their names but one was wearing a shirt saying "bad religion"

PaTrIcK_mAn 1807 days ago

Meu DEUS!D+ (A guy from BRAZIL)

erdemcapar 1807 days ago

now that's what i call COOL!

chaos82 1807 days ago

Fucking awesome

headcasebaby 1807 days ago

What a great picture, I'm in love!

dstarpro 1807 days ago

Wow, you guys were fucking kids still, holy shit!

Mindyeee 1807 days ago

why? why7 god in heaven was i not even born! dammit i sooo should have been u girl friend... lol

gabriellef_ 1807 days ago

Lemmy and the hotties

o0ceci0o 1807 days ago

The only thing more amazing than taking a picture w/ Lemmy is doing so in a white mesh shirt. ;oD

galo_novaes 1807 days ago

fucking awesome

lucasmartinsv 1807 days ago


wallaceskt 1807 days ago


drluv 1807 days ago


berutokyo 1808 days ago

love it

joaoluizmf 1808 days ago

Hhahahahaha awesome!