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We are having a little team get together today. Complete with cake

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2473 days ago

We are having a little team get together today. Complete with cake


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BXTECHY52 2472 days ago

SWEET!! Seriously sweet!

Elite_Tenure 2473 days ago

Got to love the old logo.

Kai_Strife 2473 days ago

That is one beautiful cake

The_Dukenator 2473 days ago

The first X is the logo, if you look close enough.

maggix 2473 days ago


T_e_X 2473 days ago

LOL how sad way 2go by copying Steven Colbert poor M$ THE XX BOX -

KiD_TRe 2473 days ago

Very curious what flavors those frostings were... Lime, Carrot, and Licorice possibly? OM NOM NOM!!! LoLzzz

Ivory_Soul 2473 days ago

I think this is supposed to represent the closing of the original Xbox LIVE.

EvilBoris 2473 days ago

Is this the new Slimmer 360?
The console is getting slimmer as people get fatter.

Cakebox 360.

Camchin 2473 days ago

Should have put a circle around the first "x" or not put it on there lol

zerk16 2473 days ago

its 2x the fun of a normal xbox.

sertz 2473 days ago

Xbox is friggin' delicious.

Th0rHere 2473 days ago

That looks close to a euro symbol(€). Nice cake!!!!

PlayerNo13 2473 days ago

The Cake Is A Lie.

Deadbl0w 2473 days ago

hmmm NOMS! must have a piece of.... *bangs head on monitor* DOH!

SkidmarkSteve 2473 days ago

What is XXbox?