George Broussard


Video game developer.

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2026 days ago


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Leophir 1830 days ago

Reading this makes me sad :( There's really no way to see it one day ?

phareon 1887 days ago

Guess these will never be resolved now? :/

i386 1995 days ago

Hey, that looks like JIRA :) I didn't know you guys were using our software!

deathbygrogg 1999 days ago

faster faster faster

patient0 2024 days ago

That should keep the forum busy and jumping a while!

AndrewCardy 2025 days ago

Hmm, looks like a CRT, are you still using them? Perhaps this is just an old photo :(

piippo_ 2025 days ago

A lot information there :) And PC version still exist, as if there was any doubt of that before but still.

zchri9 2025 days ago

Awesome, Some neat info in there!

Mickimatsu 2025 days ago

Awesome list, i was hoping steroids would return, i hope it's more this time than just fast moves and powerful kicks :)

I'd love seeing the cheats return in the fashion of having "dn" written first... Just for nostalgic reasons...

And for god's sake

gbfan 2025 days ago

Very nice list. Hopefully we will see this thing in motion soon. Good luck.

ftbfelix 2025 days ago

Good luck, seem to be very detailed polishes, love to see it... nice to see that the cheats are up and running for devs :)

gamedreamer 2026 days ago

Nice, do you use something like Perforce or Subversion for that?