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So, hey, this'll take some getting used to. #mcnabb #redskins #NFL

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2473 days ago

So, hey, this'll take some getting used to. #mcnabb #redskins #NFL


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gkicker2 2472 days ago

Looks better #5 than Colt Brennan...

Guanacopower 2472 days ago

hmmm. weirddd lol, its gonna take time getting used to seeing McNabb like this, but still love to have him in DC, xD.

markirwin09 2473 days ago

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooww thats wired and nothing u se evry da

skinsfn88 2473 days ago

Gonna take some time getting used to. I eschew commentary from Cowboys fans I run into. Aside from being ignorant, they are right when they talk about how absolutely strange it is seeing McNabb in Redskins attire. Wow! How long will it take to get use

Babylon15 2473 days ago

I still cannot believe it, you will be missed 5.. It's a shame Wash will not see the 5 who used to own the Skins, but the reformed 5. Skins fans take note, if D-Mac is having an off day throwing worm-burners, just scream at him to run the ball. Once 5

MarcusChristian 2473 days ago

Looks like a young Doug Williams.......

ryan_mychal 2473 days ago

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...Madden is gonna be fun this year though.

food_and_liquor 2473 days ago

I think my mind just threw up...

AllanMcC 2473 days ago

Yup. They don't practice there. They have two grass practice fields. This is there to practice on for when they play in stadiums with turf.

BrentonRules 2473 days ago

For those that don't know, that isn't the practice field. I don't know what it's for, but there is another 2 fields to the right of that one.

BrooxStephens 2473 days ago

this picture is making me sick to my stomach. If he thought he had knee concerns with us, that turf will mess him up good.

sjgdesigner 2473 days ago

Nice to see he is wearing SuperBads!

RedSchorsch 2473 days ago

Is that Astroturf? Are you serious, the practice on that stuff? Wow, the McNabb in red is weird enough but the astroturf is just weird and outdated.

Flyin_Doop 2473 days ago

Redskins are goin for the dream team of 5 years ago

DevNicole25 2473 days ago

Wow. thought i'd never see the day. smh. Eagles..? Redskins?.. ahhh.

ProbablyJason 2473 days ago

Looks good to me, Matt

jinxiejinxx32 2473 days ago

Does this mean I've to be a skins fan ugh

Davidsolly 2473 days ago

Definitely different

tonyalexander 2473 days ago