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Waving to all my friends from the S0 Truss of ISS!

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1998 days ago

Waving to all my friends from the S0 Truss of ISS!


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sonugrace 1988 days ago boy friend is a pilot and he is realy interested in applying for Nasa and wants to fly the space shuttle one day..He realy dont no how to become part of Nasa..can u let me no how he can apply for nasa..i realy want him to become part of Nasa and se

elecu 1997 days ago

wow!!! wave back from Mexico!!! the pic is really cool :)

Pamwhola 1997 days ago

Beauty of a pic! Everything looks so sterile where your at.

Person from Jersey

Stelygs 1998 days ago

Wow, a EVA-wave in real time (about)! for space lovers and dreamers that's pure bliss! Thanxxx, and pls keep on posting...Waving back at you from Verona IT

CosmicPep 1998 days ago

Hey, you're upside down, or are we???....Space is so confusing!! Waving back at ya from Raleigh, NC!

leanoref 1998 days ago

waving back to you from just outside Glasgow - Ross aged 5

Tuijn 1998 days ago

Eating a nice dinner and waving back from Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands

sonugrace 1998 days ago

A wave back from Philippines!!!!

myrocket99 1998 days ago

I wish I could see what you see!! Greetings from Rocket Rod, Maple Ridge BC Canada

Tylona 1998 days ago

Hi and waving back from Kursk - Russia! :)

aiman15 1998 days ago

hello greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia all the best up there !! n take care !!!

lisajonesjochim 1998 days ago

Hi Clay.. from Texas!

RightRudder 1998 days ago

Hello and waving back from San Diego California!

Rabid8264 1998 days ago

Back at ya from South Bend, Indiana!!

wkwilsonb 1998 days ago

Clay, did you see me waving back at you while standing on a ladder in NJ? You be careful waving to us from the ISS Truss in space!

NinerGC 1998 days ago

back atcha from Charlotte; you look very familiar somehow

NamikoF 1998 days ago

"Good evening!"Apr 16, 2010 00:05 a.m.JST

Tony6700 1998 days ago

Waving to you from Orlando, FL good chi sent to you.

cwall1 1998 days ago

*waving back from Georgia!

minnix2len 1998 days ago

back at ya from Oklahoma!