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Biblical body count (handy chart).

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2265 days ago

Biblical body count (handy chart).


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TrustyMark 2264 days ago

Satanist? He's a realist!

BibleAlsoSays 2264 days ago

If God was half as effective at preserving his word and he was at killing maybe we'd actually have an idea of what he actually (supposedly) said instead of the words of a bunch of corrupt forgers and men with personal agendas. So much for a role model for

ADRIANLP5 2265 days ago

But I am sure Satan has stepped up his game after the bible so this is an unfair graph lol

darthwonka 2265 days ago

blackb0n3, I believe if you read the old testament, God told the Israelites to commit genocide on several occasions. Apart from the myths, history also has numerous accounts of religious 'cleansing' -- even current events. I think that graph may need t

blackb0n3 2265 days ago

I think y'all got it twisted...if you drive your Mercedes drunk, get involved in an accident and die...what would have killed you - alcohol, drunk driving or your Mercedes? Can your relatives sue the alcohol company or the car manufacturer for your death?

katambao 2265 days ago

How I love our Awesome God, He beats all the records, on top of that HE sent His only son to die for that counted in the death toll there cause jeez that was a big one hey :-) God almighty You Rock...wohoooooooooooo

fredtma 2265 days ago

FANTASTIC, this prove that I am on the right side, you go God, Hallelujah

sspencer1956 2265 days ago

God needs to get a handle on his temper. Jeez!

MimsyYamaguchi 2265 days ago

Satan needs to step up his game.

michaelbain 2265 days ago

this isn't accurate however because if you are counting all the kills in the bible some of them are in our future, like the 1/4 and 1/3 the world population in Revelation.

BigJohnnySmith 2265 days ago

Deist here. Fukken saved.

JollyRogg 2265 days ago

I need a Rambo column to really get a good grasp of it all.

jmarshallca 2265 days ago

What an antitheist whacks off to.

NissenB 2265 days ago

... but he loves you!

gangakris 2265 days ago

Does this count all the "post Bible" deaths? As George Carlin pointed out god is the leading couse of death and murder! Just look at the crusades, Spanish inquisition, and the killing of abortion doctors and that number rises far above that!

todd_hatch 2265 days ago

wow, God's a regular Jack Bauer.

PatrickKay 2265 days ago

I'm sure Roger is soooooo sad now that he is unfollowed dobby. Boo-effin-hoo.

theshockwave 2265 days ago

I never had good numbers to back me up on the whole atheist thing. Cheers, R.E.

Ozz_Belmont 2265 days ago

haha Awesome. Sooo true

Kuhliene 2265 days ago

BAhHAHHAHAha!! awesome.