Kat Dennings


I'm a man with conversation skills, and I'm a man with hundred dollar bills


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2232 days ago



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Swingler059 1994 days ago

this woman is amazing

CPSampson 2023 days ago

I'm actually from Labrador(Canada), where 'Labradorite' comes from. If you want to see pics of Labrador, you can go here http://tinyurl.com/32vwdbh

Madeofhope 2211 days ago

OMG!, i could die after a kiss of you! .. You're The Best!

ironkidd 2219 days ago

Go Alien Rock!

IWasAaron 2222 days ago

you're my hollywood crush

ALMISSH 2223 days ago

oooooohhh!!!! ojos azulea!!!

dkwp2 2227 days ago

OH so many love da Kat...Its no wonder... You put us asunder...your lovely and that is that

KliveVox 2228 days ago

Forget the necklace....I love your eyes....

Naydeeners1989 2230 days ago

That's gotta be the most prettiest rock I've ever did seen!

hellis_arindam 2231 days ago

gorgeous eyes..

pantherjas 2232 days ago

Friggin' sweet.

LionCanister 2232 days ago

It looks like a mini satellite...Or that crystal thing that superman gets stuck in. If so you need to let him go. He's a good guy.

CrownjewelsNM 2232 days ago

It's Beautiful, and so are you! She got it at Crown Jewels in Santa Fe! http://www.sfcrownjewels.com

aprilboy89 2232 days ago

Kat Dennings you are very beautiful! and so is that Labradorkite you got there!

ChelsHarris 2232 days ago

Lovely necklace. Where did you get it?

rustytrinket 2232 days ago

I love your eyes! =)

MalcRamos 2232 days ago

love it, love you!

BoomerRamone 2232 days ago

well aren't you just a gorgeous lady

lifeisadream89 2232 days ago

So pretty!! *iz dead*

Fredmangaka 2232 days ago

great eyes, like the* necklace! ^^ (little mistake on the other post ^^')