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2725 days ago


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boinkity 2711 days ago

I'm surprised of some of the negative comments. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is mainstream, and hardly controversial. Some people are still living in the 20th century it seems.

findapilot 2723 days ago

Nice. I need a jet!

wcalvinw 2724 days ago

ooh baby...Hi I am the SI Swim Suit Model, fly me!.....LOL!!!

stevengrande 2724 days ago

Some are going to love it. Some are going to hate it...either way, it has you talking about it.

FSRadio 2724 days ago

At least it was only an ad for Sports Illustrated. Can you imagine what a Viagra ad would look like on that plane? Especially at takeoff?

ORDandrew 2724 days ago

Tacky and sexist. Boo

buhlevins 2725 days ago


rbpbdb 2725 days ago

How about painting the next one with her straddling the tail section with a leg on each side, and hugging the ass end of the plane with a boob on each side. At least it will appeal to passers by on each side other thier repective views.

rbpbdb 2725 days ago

It's all about the MONEY ! They are getting paid big time to parade the same thing Prostutues do....SEX...but it always sells, so anything to keep the price of pillows and blankets down, is ok with me..

5ftnthn 2725 days ago

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

margaretjacoby 2725 days ago

What is SWA thinking???

lalisa 2725 days ago

There better be a big beefcake on the other side of that baby.

ojopelaotino 2725 days ago

I have a new favorite Southwest "theme aircraft"!!! So good to have my good 'ole Southwest back!

wbflowers 2725 days ago

Yes... Southwest is a family airline that takes families to the beach, where those families can also see women in their bathing suits.

BigTRocks 2725 days ago

Can we request a boob or hip window seat?!

SuperDad_08 2725 days ago

Awesome! I wonder what the other side looks like ;P

813594 2725 days ago

family airline?

beckimend 2725 days ago