Brad Paisley


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Out picking up some last minute items, gearin' up for the big h20 tour.

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2329 days ago

Out picking up some last minute items, gearin' up for the big h20 tour.


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bearyfurry 2313 days ago

HAHA! This should be funny!

mittensgizmo101 2315 days ago

so that pic justin moore showed us in charleston was real??? i would have never believed it! lol :)

AmyJ1107 2324 days ago

I think this is what Revcop has been looking for! He needs some new

hillbillygirl81 2328 days ago

Not sure if that will go with the hat...... give it a try! I'll see you in Toronto. Remember, it's a little colder in Canada

tendy2 2328 days ago

You're gonna Kill your swimmers! LOL

KungPaoBuckaroo 2328 days ago

OK Brad-even tho I think you could possibly pull this off-PLEASE DON'T!! You'll thank me later.

ZynWoof 2328 days ago

Yes sir, Mr. Brad, too funny, lol, keep 'em commin; looking forward to seeing you on TV on the 18th... will you be wearing eitheir of these then?

PONMOM 2329 days ago

What a sight (site) to wake up to this morning. Might just bring back the old boxer vs brief debate. Or maybe speedo vs board shorts.

wodin77 2329 days ago

they still make those????

bahamamamma 2329 days ago

Okey dokey, bring 'em on!!!!

MaryK61 2329 days ago

Oh, Good us all if these make a presentation at your show!

GigiIf 2329 days ago

You have the best sense of humor. You make me giggle every time!

GigiIf 2329 days ago

MtlArmyMom 2329 days ago

First time in my life I am speechless...

jetta_baby 2329 days ago

hmmmmm.... i seem to believe that Justin Moore would look sooo much better in a speedo! :)

PamelaheavenWV 2329 days ago

Nope you cant wear them. :-P Thats from me a mother of also a 37 yr old son. AND there is no WV on them. ;=)

Sarah_Anders 2329 days ago

Dang Brad remember what I said about you making me break commandments atleast 3

cindytrace 2329 days ago

Oh, wow! This is a new development 4 your career. Quite unexpected as well.

cntrynurse 2329 days ago

Now there is another reason for great VIP tickets we get through your binoculars needed!! :)

DeannaLawrence 2329 days ago

Please take the ones on the right... Folks from the Ohio Valley look to you for style and seldom look good in Speedos