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She will regret this one day. Thanks Sarah, for sending the original pic!

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2384 days ago

She will regret this one day. Thanks Sarah, for sending the original pic!


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sealilyheart 2384 days ago

OMG WTF what an idiot I love twilight too but this is way over board (o_0)

tiddum 2384 days ago

WTF....I Love twilight and ROB and just for that reason i wouldn't do that...

StewsFinger 2384 days ago

LMFAO,in 20 years all of them are going to wrinkly except Edward (and Bella v. soon)..That means you Jacob. You.. (¬_¬)

layna_lane 2384 days ago

WTF?! I've seen some others like this where they've gotten the posters as tats and they don't even look the actors...such a bad, bad idea!

silvi_MonGeloz 2384 days ago

WTF!!! ooh wow... seriously??!!

MaahLimax 2384 days ago

i would get a tattoo with the quote ''and so the lion fell in love with the lamb'' but small and cute not THAT

stephdgray 2384 days ago

Yeah I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. =/

MaahLimax 2384 days ago

LOL it's awful

Libbyculbert 2384 days ago

ok so not only is that a really bad idea - The Tattoo itself is SHITE! I hope the artist is ashamed of themselves!!!

HolyShizKSTEW 2384 days ago

um why !! can you say insane :( I love the Twilight saga but id never get it tattoo'd on me o.O

KatieShh 2384 days ago

Holy hell... That is... Unfortunate.

irenieD 2384 days ago

Pshh I kno. She should have gotten the eclipse poster tattooed instead. lol

oddieodelia 2384 days ago

oh wow.. shes going to regret that some time soon.. :/

PorraRobsten 2384 days ago


thenameiscarlos 2384 days ago oh look here I found some: fucking sick!

KrisStewDaily 2384 days ago

oh wow... uhh yes she will regret it...i feel sorry for her...

TwiChick1918 2384 days ago

Oh wow. I mean wow! (vomits in mouth) Um... wow!