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Found roger beating the jeg lag not!! Kissing the paper at midday

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1938 days ago

Found roger beating the jeg lag not!! Kissing the paper at midday


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Rlongtail 1933 days ago

Just missing Sarah.

mikahall 1935 days ago

I think Roger is learning Chinese

mikahall 1935 days ago

FrufruB 1937 days ago

Excellent !

fakef1_trainer 1937 days ago

Well this is embarrassing...

fidgety_jen 1938 days ago

He's just inspecting his eyelids from the inside ;-) Careful he doesn't make you drop and give him 20 when he sees this!

Tiggia 1938 days ago

Proper lol! He's just reading the small print, obv!

Kateafan 1938 days ago

Wait for the back lash! His excuse; should have gone to Specsavers?

batte_d 1938 days ago

Used to work for a Chinese company. Sleeping at lunchtime was okay as long as you did not snore and disturb your collegues!

ben0058 1938 days ago

Good Luck for China Mark... Roger will not be happy hehehe thanks for the tweets anyways always good to her from you... lets try and get of the line in P1 this time you deserve it.!!!

daveclarkehrt 1938 days ago

Agreed! He wont be happy and will punish you in training for it I think, good luck Mark!

corr64 1938 days ago

maybe the article on income tax put him to sleep. He won't be pleased with you for this photo. He'll Make you do 50 more pushups!