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On idol live!! My view right now

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2300 days ago

On idol live!! My view right now


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AmyLarrabee 2287 days ago

Ryan... Follow me! I tried calling into the radio show today, i have some insight for u... I want to DM u (if that's what it is called)

anndakody 2298 days ago

That is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

FrecklesMiley 2299 days ago

I would love to see Idol live

gizmo_raven 2299 days ago

wow! i wish i could watch american idol live.........

vielin 2299 days ago

I wish I was thereeee

NachoPignata 2299 days ago

you have and exellent job :D

CPAndrew 2299 days ago

Adam Lambert () was awesome as guest mentor on American Idol tonight. And yet the #IDOL kids still couldn't deliver. They tried.

gasoIine 2299 days ago

LMAO at Huskerstang. Funny because Priscilla Presley's own words were, "Elvis would have LOVED someone like Adam, he would have loved him" and Lisa's following him on Twitter. Adam was genuinely amazing tonight.

hollygail1973 2299 days ago

Ryan, you look very good. Can I keep you?

Nico_Ruades 2299 days ago

I want to be there, invite me...

sashe_2012 2299 days ago

We realize that a very huge huge energy hanging right in front of us but unfortunately we are not allowed to use it effectively.

ilielise 2299 days ago

Lucky You!

sashe_2012 2299 days ago

We need one more TA Edison who will use wind, recycled water, energy from thunder/hurricane, solar power and other cheap/waste materials to produce current which produce lights for this show.

mbardis 2300 days ago

aww, I can't watch it until Saturday :(

artsyred 2300 days ago

Whoa! Thanks for the pic, co cool!

differentdrumme 2300 days ago

Is it true that Idol is making Crystal "Mamasox" loose weight fir the show? that would be a shame if you were

Heybooboojacpac 2300 days ago

Elvis was a creative artist, huskerstang. I have to respectfully disagree with you and think that Elvis would have appreciated this. And Adam Lambert is awesome!

Heybooboojacpac 2300 days ago

My predictions for who will get kicked off tomorrow night : Andrew Garcia and ?. Everyone else did equally as well, so the second one is hard to decide. Vote for Shobian and Bowsersox!!!

Huskerstang 2300 days ago

I am disgusted that Idol is letting the contestants Butcher a historical icons music. Some music u don't mess with. And the king Elvis is one of them. And Adam Lambert the mentor with Elvis music. He would tuen over in his Grave. Shame on u Idol

Heybooboojacpac 2300 days ago

Ryan, are you drunk?! You are acting so silly, crazy, funny tonight!~ Fess up.