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I'm in Vancouver for my second show. Thought I'd stir up some controversy by wearing my hat that says "Canada."

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1601 days ago

I'm in Vancouver for my second show. Thought I'd stir up some controversy by wearing my hat that says "Canada."


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katycatt 1472 days ago

Canada is the best

team__jackson 1564 days ago

Oh Canada Oh Canada, the land I call my oooown!Oh Canada,Oh Canada,I think I lost my phoooone! Do u think I could be the next Jay Z?

slangridge 1565 days ago

heh.. show up for your Toronto gig wearing a fleur-de-lis this Sat. Can't wait for you to rock Massey Hall!

MasterMahem 1572 days ago

You just know Lee Harvey Oswald would be lookin' at this pict thinkin' "Dude, you are SO asking for it."

katestreet89 1572 days ago


GGKinz 1575 days ago


BruiseViolet 1578 days ago

Ah ha! So that's where you stayed when you were here! I heard your side kick shot a round at the UBC Golf Course where my roomie teaches =P

TyHamlet 1581 days ago

But what could you do? It's not your fault the costume shop was out of mounty uniform Conan.

TheJackSchram 1587 days ago

Chewbaca skin coats! Sabertooth 4 life

BradleyOPaul 1591 days ago

It doesn't really matter how many medals any country won. It's just the winter olympics anyway. Everyone knows Summer Olympics are more popular. Cool hat.

Geotravel 1592 days ago

That is MY hat! But it looks better on you.

JTerr88 1593 days ago

Um, you should check your facts there. Think we won that gold medal in hockey AND who had more gold medals than any other nation? Right, Canada.

Sarahbella83 1596 days ago

Awesome! :) Canada love you Conan... You need to stop in Winnipeg next!

OwenMolly 1596 days ago

now all you need is your "bitch" belt and you are set

ClareB_ 1596 days ago

Canada Hat Cool.

Ikarabronson 1597 days ago


megbrasier 1598 days ago

CANADA!!! :)

Creasy_Ka 1598 days ago

That Hat Gives Yhu Loads Of Street Cred...I Think I Need To Get Me One Of Those Lol