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Me and Cindy at Ellen....which one of us is more crazy

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2293 days ago

Me and Cindy at Ellen....which one of us is more crazy


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milenablanck 1740 days ago

aaaaaaaaaaa meu deus dois ícones

smartandcrafts 2127 days ago

lovely lovely lovely, both!

Vanillamonkee 2128 days ago

While I don't know either of you, both of you share enviable creative talents and an apparent sense of childlike awe and endless wit. Also, both of you seem to be crazy beautiful from the inside out. I think it's virtually impossible to be a beautiful sou

BorisKitty 2129 days ago

out of u 3 i sez Ellen da craziest MOL

JhenWendy 2212 days ago

OMG,Beautiful ♥

akura2 2291 days ago

Damn.. you look good though

blondetwitt66 2292 days ago

I love both of you crazy chicks!

Joewawa 2293 days ago

I might be confused

Joewawa 2293 days ago

Is the real Kristi? From Home improvement?

Mokibobolink 2293 days ago

LOL...hard to choose. But hey, aren't we ALL a little crazy? BTW girl, you look awesome!

ctutino 2293 days ago

you of course...hands down

havenjake1 2293 days ago

Helped Cyndi off some chairs at her concert. She was walking across rows and rows.. Would you do such a thing?

havenjake1 2293 days ago

I don't know though. Have to re-think. With all those monkeys at your house..

havenjake1 2293 days ago

Cindy of course!

NYrocksFlasucks 2293 days ago

you both look great!

thedavehall 2293 days ago

Lmao! You both take the cake! Kirstie, me and my bf LOVE your show and have watched you in everything you have doe..u r sooo funny! Cindy is music royalty, there is not 1 song I don't like. We watch your show every Sunday, keep up the good work! Foll

kristyn1967 2293 days ago

That dress and sweater is very flattering! I could not believe you are 59! keep up the good work with the weight loss...although my fiancee thinks you are hot as is!!

Martymo18 2293 days ago

Is she trying to cop a feel???

dfwtexans 2293 days ago

ageless beauties!!!

LShalottCamelot 2293 days ago

Gorgeous x 2. And both, very funny! XO