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1847 days ago


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MaryamASJamil 1750 days ago

Ha Ha Ha!!! I love this Advert! It is Cool!

raymondonia 1750 days ago

If you want to quit your paid employment then do the work for free then sign up for Camerons big society

MoHumb 1846 days ago

He's not talking about people setting up private fee-paying schools though is he? He's talking about self-appointed community busybodies playing with OUR money.

tomwrightontwit 1847 days ago

People setting up their home or private schools is EXACTLY what David Cameron is talking about. Hes not saying you can "take over your school," even he knows thats stupid!

SaveHinchNHS 1847 days ago

We would relish the chance to Run Hinchingbrooke Hosiptal. the Hospital that Labour are PRIVATISING and as Privatisation of the NHS is Tory Policy too..... Give us the chance and it will be the biggest Own Goal from the Tories....
We will keep the NHS m

mhmedia 1847 days ago

*sigh* ah well.. we can only wait then....

MoHumb 1847 days ago

It has been like this for 13 years, and it was wrong then too. But this plan from DC is a further lurch wrongwards.

TheCeeBomb 1847 days ago

Labour haven't done any good where I am ElaineSk and as for the economy; it is ridiculous to buy in to their doctrine that GB saved the world.They acted too slowly,waited for USA and copied their policy.Our people will bring about recovery.

mhmedia 1847 days ago

"You cannot leave things as important as health and education to self-selecting community mouthpieces"

You mean like it has been for the past 13 years?

ElaineSk 1847 days ago

Cameron will be busy undoing all the good that Labour has done getting the country out of the recession.This man is a waste of space!

TheCeeBomb 1847 days ago

Oh right, I am a little busy but thought they were talking about encouraging that, maybe I mis-interpreted it. I thought their suggestion yesterday was that stongly performing institutions would take over those who performed badly; I don't have strong fe

MoHumb 1847 days ago

DC isn't talking about people setting up their own private or home schools is he? He's talking about taking over existing state schools.

jenheffa 1847 days ago

Agree with MoHumb

Also, this will always disproportionately favour (even more than is currently the case) the children of those with the motivation, time, contacts, education and ability to do things like set up new schools. The kids that are already

tomwrightontwit 1847 days ago

Woo lets all work for the state. We love the state!

TheCeeBomb 1847 days ago

If they follow the curriculum and it is the will of the parents then who are the government to say that these people can not educate their children as they see fit? Similarly, home schooling is a modern reality and some people find it a beneficial altern

MoHumb 1847 days ago

You cannot leave things as important as health and education to self-selecting community mouthpieces.

TheCeeBomb 1847 days ago


MoHumb 1847 days ago

The state needs to protect us from the kind of busybodies who like the idea of setting up their own school.