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2326 days ago


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PaulineMelvin 2319 days ago

"... Don't let go, don't let go". The words of wisdom above generate distinct contemplation. SN: PLEASE CONSIDERING MAKING A TRIP TO OSAN AB, REPUBLIC OF KOREA. You have the power to uplift!

rhondie4ever 2324 days ago

YAY! I'm right! I studied French in high school & thought it roughly translates to "we'll feel lifted from this cursed"!

FireEyes14 2325 days ago

I have one of these televisioms up in my attic that belonged to my grandmother. I understand some french and can understand some french but on the BB can't see the! I'll check it out later thanks for the memory Max.

girl2nite 2325 days ago

Thankyou for the twitpics Maxwell!

Dmarkiz 2326 days ago

Je suis impatiente de voir la vidéo!
Tu nous surprends toujours!

sherrilovely2 2326 days ago

I like the Westinghouse a time of big screen tv's this photo is unique just like the message on screen.Cool man love it!

uniqued 2326 days ago

votre vidéo bien faite admirablement :-) (JOY)

uniqued 2326 days ago

hmmm, translater here I come :-)

Maxwellover 2326 days ago

I'm sorry,I hate French but love Spanish.I know this is French and not Spanish because I took both classes.Your still bonito anyway papi!

thefacadeofyou 2326 days ago

Je comprends. Je suis encore ici. La prochaine fois, ralentissez lorsque vous faites du jogging...

vewlms 2326 days ago