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MmeDisaster 1669 days ago

Yeah the village of my birth :) Nice nice

simonasto 1899 days ago

You should go to Prague. You would loved it. Gosh, I miss Europe so much. :o(

myricetina 1952 days ago

It looks like this is in Europe.It's a beautiful night vew of city lights.You could make nice postcards too.Looks very much my town,but I'm not sure....There are several looks like that,not only where I'm at.

meskolique 1959 days ago

BERLIN, BERLIN wir FAhren nach BERLIN!!!

ilolae 1972 days ago

ahhh Berlin :) i love it

bjoernmarek 2003 days ago

Berlin is a beautiful city, Mrs. Moore. Unfortunately I'm not that often visiting it, although I do live in Germany...

vivana88 2029 days ago

Yeah good old berlin ... but Stuttgart is better :D and the best is Heilbronn (haha)

Monti86 2033 days ago

that's the view from the Adlon hotel i think...After the Brandenburg Gate the "Straße des 17. Juni" an than the Siegessäule (don't know the english name... eventually the triumphal column???) - lol *klugscheiß*

Juulliettt 2038 days ago

Notji9n gbetter than that!

celebites 2043 days ago

woooowww!!!!!!! be able to view such breathtakin beauty n capture it even better.....

berlin_smoothie 2068 days ago

I wish people would stop staying at the Adlon. It's the most abusive employer of that hotel branch.

sockstar3 2074 days ago

have u seen the soldiers standing in front of it?
haha.. luv our capital city ;P

Emmy_Louise_H 2076 days ago

This picture was taken from the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his kid out of the window isn't it? haha

metalmiez 2076 days ago

My best friend lives there :) I've been there in february...I love Berlin...♥

Ilsedee 2079 days ago

My oldest friend in the whole world lives in Berlin! What a great city! Lucky you to have seen it!

SteffiBerlin 2095 days ago

...MY HOMETOWN...very nice picture...

teamvans 2098 days ago

lady come back and visit the beautiful new city again ;))

PSGM 2112 days ago

Adlon, Nice ;-)

MarieBerlin1 2112 days ago

my hometown and the best place to be...

LaSevillana 2115 days ago

guess you guys stayed at the Adlon least the view is from there....lucky you! Hope you enjoyed Berlin!