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The parking lot in paramount at 6am.
Actually turned out to be a cool picture 
: )

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2326 days ago

The parking lot in paramount at 6am.
Actually turned out to be a cool picture
: )


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Goslingsawagrin 1727 days ago

I like this picture shows even in hollywood the parking lot gets empty

maslowsgirl1 2013 days ago

that looks like sav a lots parking lot in wayne kentucky

btrforeva 2148 days ago


bigtimerush55 2193 days ago


SierraNSmith 2246 days ago

thats so awsome

Irene_Andrea 2324 days ago

That's what photographs do they make you notice the beauty of things that u might see everyday! It looks amazing!

MsKatiePena 2325 days ago

Heyy.... Thats is cool! I like the colors. Creepy you can find something so cool im a parking lott!! =D

danielleestevez 2325 days ago

I think. it would've been better if you were in the picture.

xoxoKarinaH_BTR 2326 days ago


CrazyAA 2326 days ago

oh SO artistic =D L0L

JordannAllisonn 2326 days ago

That is a VERY cool picture! :)

constantvigil 2326 days ago

Or is that a streetlight? LOL I'm a dork.

constantvigil 2326 days ago

Nice shot of the morning sun. I enjoyed that rain, how about you?

SPYYDEER 2326 days ago

WOW that's, BIG TIME.

Jameulyn 2326 days ago

Now thats what I'm talking about no cars and you can find a place to park. Have a good day (:

anglib78 2326 days ago

Early start today. Hope you have a great one... as great as a Monday can be. ;-)

monekuh 2326 days ago

i wish it would rain in arizona, its been pretty hot the last few days omg

aliciahetrick 2326 days ago

the only way this picture could be any better is if you stepped in front of the camera :) Happy Monday.

drewmgil 2326 days ago

ahah that does look cool xD

SellyLujan 2326 days ago

that actually look pretty cool pick