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Spooky similiarities......

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2234 days ago

Spooky similiarities......


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pec104 2232 days ago

"There is no limit to immigration as long as there are fields to build on" Hazel Blears, Talksport's John Gaunt Show, July 2007.

RealLimeJelly 2234 days ago

Didn't their original manifesto pledge state education education education? If so should this not say A fair future for all? or a future, fair for all?

DR_England 2234 days ago

Well spotted! As if we didn't know about the communist/Stalinist inclinations of the Labour Party under the guiding hand of the supreme leader Gordon Brown and his gang of Scottish commies

punctuation 2234 days ago

lol - Oh dear - someone's not thought that one through have they? :-)

TheGift73 2234 days ago

Things will only get.......worse.