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El Salvador, quick pic of ya's after the show - thanks for a great night!!  :D

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2434 days ago

El Salvador, quick pic of ya's after the show - thanks for a great night!! :D


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mrtzmachado 2430 days ago

Thanks for a great concert!!!! unforgettable!!!! I really enjoyed the pink panther solo.

Vanessa_Rodrig 2430 days ago

It was a magical night!! Thanx to all of you guys. You were beyond our expectations!!! I hope you come back again!

AdriRupi 2431 days ago


kevinrreyesmac 2431 days ago

BFOOT please come back to El Salvador, no matter if you come with GnR or just you but please return, you are amazing, i like the pink panther solo. (PLEASE RETURN BFOOT)

Winpo36 2431 days ago

Thank you for the amazing experience!!! what a great concert!! the best!!! I love GNR, the best band ever!!!

laiquijano 2432 days ago

Aww!!!! What a pretty concert!!! Thanks a lot!!! U'r great!!!

Cma1112 2433 days ago

THE GREATEST CONCERT I've ever seen!! thanks for that awesome show !!
and i suppose that we'll have to wait till the day that you're back to see another show like that!!!!

Mazinger4ever 2434 days ago


Chiwila 2434 days ago

no please, thank you for let us enjoy your music, you were so amazing and I liked your detail with the tequila shots for the audience (I'm not pretty sure if that was tequila) anyway your very welcome here in El Salvador, hope to c you again soon guys

jtamacas 2434 days ago

Thank You for an INCREDIBLE night!! everyone is very pleased and I talk for everyone in EL SALVADOR ... what a great show!!

Deathanny13 2434 days ago

it was owsome!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for coming!!!!!!!!!! hope to see u in a near future!!!!!!!!!

Nancy_Calderon 2434 days ago

No, Thx to U for an Awesome Night!!! ... What a GREAT show!

RonnieKz 2434 days ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU'RE AMAZING!it would have been perfect if I had caught something yours but it was the best night of my entire life!I heart you!!

deadesir 2434 days ago


raul31x18 2434 days ago

Bumblefoot you were the best in the show, it was a shame you didn't game me a guitar pick (i wanted it):'(, but i enjoyed the show, i just had 1:30 hours to sleep then i woke up and go to school, but it worth it man!!! Congrats and say hello to the band m

sailquintanilla 2434 days ago

You are the best bumblefoot!!!!!! we love GNR.... the best concert in my life!!!!!!! i won´t forget it!!!!!!!!

wilbermerlos 2434 days ago

Bfoot... you rock buddy !!! thanks for give us the best show ever seen in this country!!!

Miitcher 2434 days ago

Im a huge fan of you from now on, and thanks for the pink shoot ;D