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I'm in Eugene, OR and my room faces the theater where I debut tomorrow. The mob outside is in a frenzy.

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1562 days ago

I'm in Eugene, OR and my room faces the theater where I debut tomorrow. The mob outside is in a frenzy.


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PoliticoJames 966 days ago

and which way, does your bong face? I mean when in Rome, and/or Eugene....smoke a lot of pot, and kiss the pope...

rosek_ 1431 days ago


stratacast 1497 days ago

No STOP!!! Dont do it, it will get better, or at least wait till the other guy other there jumps1st

KatsTweeting 1515 days ago

I'm surprised you can't see me lurking outside your hotel room.

Montana_Dave1 1529 days ago

I think one of them has a Molotov cocktail

MasterMahem 1530 days ago

The calm before the "snore"... Ha! HA! It is fun mocking your pathetic collapsing career. Soon you will work for me and I alone will control your every disgusting move! Signed, The Masturbating Bear.

TrueShun 1541 days ago

Holy crap, Oregon is full of ninjas!

miidastouch 1552 days ago

thats me walking to the left by the hedges! IM COMING FOR YOU, WATCH OUT FOR THE CONE-BONE.

coolness95 1554 days ago

What about those two people at the top of the stairs? Hmmmmmmmmm.

UnknownnwonknU 1554 days ago

Pffft Finland the only place in america that doesn't like conan is NBC studios

mikahamis 1554 days ago

Btw, Finland is still your biggest fan! Won't you come here for the summer? I hear Pamela Anderson is coming too.

mikahamis 1554 days ago

Yup, there's the mob all frenzied up. Tip: you don't have to risk yourself in the mob if you zip-cable (cable-zip?) yourself from roof to roof... or through the glass like an action-hero superstar that you are.
Btw, Finland is still your biggest fan! Wo

Brian_DiCarlo 1557 days ago

MaryJZanone it's pronounced Or-y-gun.

MaryJZanone 1557 days ago

Conan O'Brian, Now extracting laughs from all the wrong places...

MaryJZanone 1557 days ago

carriepadian 1557 days ago

Please. It's Eugene...your fans are all busy smoking up before the show

the_G3NERAL 1557 days ago

It's one of those pictures where, when taken, it looks like oh there is nothing. But then move the camera left and you will see the entire population of Oregon waiting in line to get in.

MaryJZanone 1558 days ago

You must be in Ore-gone.

squirrelcity 1558 days ago
check out our video entitled "bin ladens cave!

hiscoresboards 1558 days ago

It's that all too common invisible frenzy.....