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Acoustic show at the hotel in Costa Rica...  (Kristy, I stole your pic - aaahh!!!)

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2240 days ago

Acoustic show at the hotel in Costa Rica... (Kristy, I stole your pic - aaahh!!!)


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marcielemachado 2237 days ago

Oh my God...You are so amazing, so special...It´s so nice to see how you care about fans! Many Kisses -

dannysweet_ 2238 days ago

haha like in Rio! :) xoxo Ron

Victoria_69 2240 days ago

Nice picture!

_super_mario_64 2240 days ago

cool, good for this lucky people... I really really sad for the show in Costa Rica, 15 years waiting for see GNR and the day of the show, all dreams are broken... We love GUNS!!! And i hope see in live some day...

axlfalconi 2240 days ago

DEAR RON.. You Really Rocks !!! We miss u a lot in QUITO, ECUADOR. God Bless. Diego

TATIJACOME 2240 days ago

how cute!

TATIJACOME 2240 days ago

how cute!

SilviaKill 2240 days ago

P.s: We miss you here in São Paulo!!! =/

SilviaKill 2240 days ago

You're amazing, Ron!!! You really care about all of your fans and that's how a rockstar should be!! We love you *.*

MaryJoycee 2240 days ago

Because nothing happened like in Rio de Janeiro?

Cndlove 2240 days ago

You are amazing! that's why you are special..because you care about your fans.. you rock dude

rudysaur 2240 days ago

you're always ready to attend and reciprocate fans...congrats...rock on

Betty_Garella 2240 days ago

Ron, as I told you before here in Montevideo (outside the Radisson), You Are Divine and I mean it! Yeah!!! Pls. continue always on this trend and never, ever change!! Your humbleness, respect and truly affection for your fans is remarkable and put you in

WiccAline 2240 days ago

Wowww, you are really amazing! [2]

RbnsJnk 2240 days ago

Then I saw you and gnr at Apoteose Stadium. GREAT! You're AMAZING, man! Keep on goin' on it! Hope to see u Rock Again! Thank you for bein' this great human being with all us fans!

RbnsJnk 2240 days ago

You're such a great guy, Ron! Confess that when you joined gnr I was like: "what the f*#@ is this guy doin' here? Get out"..Well, I was so wrong..I was in the hotel in Rio after the stage collapsed and have seen how human you are. Then I saw you and gnr a

GideAdoracion 2240 days ago

u must have rocked there as u did in Rio!

anaholanda 2240 days ago

Ron, you saved my day once (in Rio).. now you save the day of these fans... that's what made me see that you're an angel!! You're really amazing!

AlexandraBasso 2240 days ago

You Rock Bumble, thank you for being that. Hope to have u in Caracas many many times.

WitchValoylonen 2240 days ago

What can the said !!! Thank you for all for be here !!! and we waiting for the best gig !! Our lives :)